#BoutofBooks 13: Update Post

Bout of Books

It’s TIME! TIME TO READ! It’s BOUT OF BOOKS! (Yes, I am a little excited. Only a little 😉 ) I must admit, I have PILES of books to read this week! Library books have been piling up over the last month because of grad school, but now that I am DONE! I have time to read them!

So this week, my goal is simple: READ!  Read these books!

bob 13 books bob comics

So many books. Let’s get reading!

Current Totals:

Books Finished: 5
Pages Read: 1444 pages
Minutes Listened to: 347 minutes
Comic Issues Read: 25 issues
Movies Watched: 3 movies
TV Shows Caught Up On: Revenge, DWTS, Scandal, Vampire Diaries, Reign, Night Shift, Chicago Fire, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy

Monday, May 11th:

Find Me12:10am: I am finishing up an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen with hubs and then I will start my BOB reading with Find Me. I just started it Sunday, so I am only on page 40. But it is really interesting and kind of reminds me of Station Eleven. I will probably just read until I fall asleep, because I have a 9am work shift in the morning. Goodnight, all!

1:45am: So I lied. I watched the last 2 episodes of Revenge first. Series finale and all that. NOW I will go read in bed. 😉

 7:00pm: So I have done some reading today (and some good listening, too), though not as much as I was planning because plans changed. But that’s okay. I’ll spend the next couple of hours reading. And chatting during the BOB chat tonight!

Challenge: Writing My Own Fairy Tale’s SURVEY!

1. How do you organize your shelves? Currently, by age group (Adult, YA, Childrens), the genre, then alphabetically. But I am about to redo them again so who knows!
2. What is one of your favorite book that’s not in one of your favorite genres? I really don’t read many historical fiction novels, but I LOVE The Secret Life of Bees!
3. What is the last 5 star book you read? Here by Richard McGuire. It is a stunning graphic novel that is completely unique! Highly Recommended!
4. What book are you most excited to read during the read-a-thon? All the Rage by Courtney Summers 🙂
5. What book do you recommend the most? Currently, Ms. Marvel and Saga, because I have been on a comic kick lately. But a recent read you should go read RIGHT NOW is Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda!

Page by Paige11:30pm: Well, I wanted to feel like I was making progress, so I went ahead and picked up a graphic novel that I knew I could finish. I read Page by Paige and IT IS SO GOOD, Y’ALL! Unexpected surprise of the day! I also read Issue #3 of Descender (new Image comic) and it continuesDescender #3 to be AWESOME. And I have read almost 100 pages today and listened to about 90 minutes of audio. Not to shabby for Monday! 😉

Monday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio), Find Me, Bad Feminist (Audio), Page by Paige
Books Finished: 1 (Page by Paige)
Pages Read: (40-122) = 82 + 196 = 278 pages
Minutes Listened To: 72 + 25 = 97 minutes
Comics Read: 1 issue (Descender)


Tuesday, May 12th

2:45am: So I MAY have decided to watch Thursday night TV, as I missed last week, instead of read. But those shows are the best, and I just HAD to know. And GOSH DARN IT! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?!  Vampire Diaries and Reign are going to be CRAZZZZZYYYYYY in their finales on Thursday. AHHHHHHHHH!

Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a WeaponNow for bed. Or something. 😉

2:15pm: So late start on the day, but that’s what I get for staying up late. I have read 5 issues of Hawkeye…LOVIN’ IT! So now I am just hanging around on my day off. I have to go to Target at some point, but I do want to get some reading done too. As soon as I catch up on The Night Shift I will get back to reading 😉My Heart and Other Black Holes

11:50pm: Well, I couldn’t go to Target because I didn’t have a wallet. HAH. So I took a nap. And then I started My Heart and Other Black Holes. It is so good! I just can’t put it down! I am about 180 pages into it so far, but I will probably end up staying up to finish it. 🙂 (Also, Chicago Fire finale was BEAUTIFUL!)

Tuesday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio), Find Me, Bad Feminist (Audio), My Heart and Other Black Holes
Books Finished: 0
Pages Read: (123-154) = 31 + 186 = 217 pages
Minutes Listened To: 30 minutes of podcast
Comics Read: 5 issues (Hawkeye)


Wednesday, May 13th

 Where They Found Her1:30pm: Well, I finished My Heart and Other Black Holes last night….it was such a compelling read! There were some things that I wished were explored a little more, but it was still a great book! I started reading Where They Found Her, but then I checked my mailbox and saw that my FirstReads copy of NIMONA CAME IN! So I may just have to read that first! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

In the mean time, I just got back from Target (where I listened to about an hour of audiobook just walking around the store)! I bought a new bookshelf that will HOPEFULLY be a great Record Media Center/Cookbook holder, so I may have to put that together at some point. Also, Nimonait’s Wednesday, which means NEW COMICS DAY! Which means NEW SAGA AND MS. MARVEL! So hubby and I are about to hit the comic shops! But I’ll bring Nimona with me in the car. 😉 TTFN!

7:00pm: Comic shopping was a success! Bought way more than I was planning on (as always), came home and read the newest Saga and issues Ms. Marvel, #14: Crushed, Part II12-15 of Ms. Marvel. Now for the waiting game….
……In the mean time, I guess I will just keep reading Nimona, because it is HILARIOUS!

Wednesday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio),  Bad Feminist (Audio), My Heart and Other Black Holes, Where They Found Her, Nimona (I know, this is just getting RIDICULOUS!)
Books Finished: 1 (My Heart and Other Black Holes
Pages Read: (187-301) = 114 + (1-52) + (1-38) = 204 pages
Minutes Listened To: 15 + 45 = 60 minutes
Comics Read: 5 issues


Thursday, May 14th

1:15am: I really didn’t read that much at all yesterday after comics. I watched TV with hubby instead. But now he is asleep, so I will take Nimona to bed with me. 🙂

Thursday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio),  Bad Feminist (Audio), Nimona, The World Between Two Covers
Books Finished: 1 (Nimona)
Pages Read: (53-272) = 220 + 13 = 233 pages
Minutes Listened To: 30 + 25 + 30 = 85 minutes
Comics Read: 0 issues


Friday, May 15th

1:30am: Okay, so yesterday I did finish Nimona, but that’s about it. I listened to some audio book as I cleaned up my apartment, then I got distracted by How I Met Your Mother (It’s my first time watching it!). Then I went to work, came home, and watched ALL THE SEASON FINALES TONIGHT! AHHHHHHH. Reign, Vampire Diaries, Scandal…….Tonight just WRECKED me!

I plan on reading a lot tomorrow. Probably a combination of comics, nonfiction, and fiction. I am just reading all over the place right now…there’s just so much to read!

None of the Above11:45pm: Well, today I just woke up and decided to pretty much read straight through None of the Above. It was a really hard book to read, but really eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and important. I learned a lot and it made me reflect even more about my preconceived notions and understandings. I also listened to 100 more minutes of audiobooks. Guys, if you guys haven’t read Bad Feminist yet, you totally should (or listen…because the audio is great)! It is seriously awesome! Bad Feminist: Essays

Tomorrow I babysit from lunch into the afternoon, so I don’t know how much reading I’ll get done. Hopefully I can get through some more comics. I still have quite the stack!

Friday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio),  Bad Feminist (Audio), The World Between Two Covers, None of the Above
Books Finished: 1 (None of the Above)
Pages Read: 328 + 31 += 359 pages
Minutes Listened To: 90 + 10 = 100 minutes
Comics Read: 1 issue


Saturday, May 16th

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium: The Graphic Novels, #1.1)Saturday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio),  Bad Feminist (Audio), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo vol. 1, Mercury
Books Finished: 2 (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo vol 1, Mercury)
Pages Read: 146 + 240 = 386 pages
Minutes Listened To: 0
Comics Read: 0


Sunday, May 17th

12:15am: All of my reading for yesterday happened before I fell asleep pretty much. I had a day filled with babysitting, a mini/brief college reunion, and an impromptu friends hang out. So needless to say, I didn’t do anything more than the chat this morning (WHICH WAS SO MUCH FUN!)! I actually kind of feel like watching a movie tonight, so I probably won’t read any before I go to sleep. BUT I have the whole day off tomorrow, so I WILL take advantage of that before my Injustice: Gods Among Us, Vol. 1crazy work/Praxis/baseball week begins! Here’s to the last day of BOUT OF BOOKS!

11:00pm: Well, on my final day of Bout of Books, I watched 2 movies and read 13 issues of comics. Not a bad way to end the week! I started reading Injustice: Gods Among Us, volumes one and two, which is my first venture into DC. And I must say, I am really enjoying it. I am glad that I have the first volume of year 2 waiting for me at the library when I get to work tomorrow!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! 🙂

Sunday Totals: 
Books Started/Continued: Feast for Crows (Audio),  Bad Feminist (Audio),
Books Finished: 0
Pages Read: 0
Minutes Listened To: 30 + 30 minutes podcast
Comics Read: 13


22 thoughts on “#BoutofBooks 13: Update Post

  1. Judith says:

    I read None of the Above a few weeks ago. It is a very fast read and you can probably knock it out in an hour or two. Very informative. Good luck!!

  2. anarmchairbythesea says:

    So much goodness in this post! The Secret Life of Bees and Saga are both incredible, total agreement there. I’ve never heard of Here but I’m off to check it out, and I can’t wait to read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens and Ms Marvel! Have a great week!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Great job on Bout of Books! I just read All the Rage last month and LOVED IT!! I also just read her other book, Some Girls Are during Bout of Books. It was just as incredible. Courtney Summers is an awesome writer. Love her.

  4. Kristilyn says:

    I love that you’re catching up on TV shows while you read! And wow! That’s an insane pile of books! I loved Page by Paige … such a fun book! I’m squeezing in some graphic novels this week, too. And maybe I’ll catch up on my Marvels movie marathon, too! Good luck with the rest of the week!

  5. Samantha (@SamanthasBooks) says:

    WOW! That’s a very impressive goal! And it looks like you’re doing really well! I’ve been getting distracted by TV shows too – TVD KILLED ME. I SOBBED THROUGH THE WHOLE EPISODE.
    Good luck for the last day! 😀

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