About Me


This is me.

My name is Jennifer, and I am a story addict.

I am 26 years old.

I have recently graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Studies with School Media Certification.

I currently work as a library assistant in the nonfiction department of one of the biggest public libraries in Alabama.

I am a book hoarder. But at least I admit that to my husband.

When I am not reading (or working), I am watching TV and movies, playing videogames, cooking and baking, and cheering for my Gamecocks! (Yes, I am an avid sportsfan, and I root for the South Carolina Gamecocks.)P1070974

This is me and hubby, dressed in our sports garb.

Other little tidbits about me that you may find interesting:

Elephants are the best animal in the entire world! I collect them. They raid my bookshelves.

Mac ‘n Cheese is the food of the gods.

Green is my favorite color.

Yes, I play videogames, but only old school.  Like, Super Nintendo people. Those games have the best storylines!

I have had noncontinuous hiccups since I was in 7th grade. So like….13 years.

I like socks, because you know they will always fit. And they are fun to mismatch!

About A Librarian’s Library:

I started this blog at the very end of 2011. Why? Because I had a personal blog that was being overtaken by book reviews, and I wanted to join the community of bloggers that I loved following. Yes, the book blogging community is fun, and you get to share your love of books with other book lovers!

Here’s the jist of what I am about: I read what interests me, no matter what genre or age group. And I will feature both good books and bad here. I am honest with my feelings towards books, and I write [mostly] in-depth reviews. I love meeting new bloggers and having discussions, so if you have thoughts or feelings about books, let me know haha.

Contact Info:

email: a.librarians.library@gmail.com

twitter: @alibrarianslib




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