Classics Club

I have a love of literature, and I love to go back to the roots of where literature comes from.  That is what this The Classics Club Challenge means to me.  It’s a commitment to fit reading classics into my reading, because with so many new releases I find it hard to go back to the classics.  But I want to, and by committing to this challenge, I WILL!  =)

Here is a list of 52 Classic novels (including a little bit of every genre) that I would like to finish by November 30th, 2017.  If I keep an even pace, I need to be crossings off one of these books every five weeks!  So without further ado, my list:

(In alphabetical order by author’s last name)

Adams, DouglasThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Alcott, Louisa MayLittle Women

Aligheiri, DanteThe Divine Comedy

Atwood, MargaretA Handmaid’s Tale

Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey

Barrie, J.M.Peter Pan

Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 451

Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights

Burnett, Francis HodgensThe Secret Garden

Camus, AlbertThe Stranger

Card, Orson ScottThe Ender’s Game (finished)

Christie, AgathaAnd Then There Were None

Dahl, RoaldCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

DiCamillo, KateThe Tales of Despereaux

Dickens, CharlesGreat Expectations

Dostoyevesky, FyodorThe Brothers Karamazov

Dostoyevesky, FyodorThe Idiot

Golding, WilliamLord of the Flies

Grahame, WilliamThe Wind in the Willows

Greene, Graham:  The Heart of the Matter

Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlett Letter

Hemingway, ErnestThe Sun Also Rises

Herbert, FrankDune

Hesse, HermannSteppenwolf

HomerThe Odyssey

Hurston, Zora NealeTheir Eyes Were Watching God

Juster, NortonThe Phantom Tollbooth

Kesey, KenOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

King, StephenThe Shining (Review here.)  1/13/13

London, JackThe Call of the Wild

London, JackWhite Fang

Marquez, Gabriel GarciaOne Hundred Years of Solitude

Maurier, DaphneRebecca

McCarthy, CormacThe Road

Mitchell, David:   Cloud Atlas  (Review here.) 3/28/13

Mitchell, MargaretGone with the Wind

Orwell, George1984

Paterson, KatherineBridge to Terabithia (Finished)

Potok, ChaimMy Name is Asher Lev

Pynchon, Thomas: V.

Rand, AynThe Fountainhead

Raskin, EllenThe Westing Game

Sewell, AnnaBlack Beauty

Shelley, MaryFrankenstein

Stoker, Brahm: Dracula

Tolkein, J.R.R.:  The Hobbit

Tolkein, J.R.R.:  The Lord of The Rings

Tolstoy, Leo: Anna Karenina

Tolstoy, LeoWar and Peace

Travers, P.L.:  Mary Poppins


Vonnegut, KurtSlaughter-House Five

Wharton, EdithThe Age of Innocence

Woolf, VirginiaTo The Lighthouse

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